Askbox Shenanigans: Scritches and Comfort

Sometimes, when Karkat’s getting too worked up over everything, he sits down on the couch and starts marathoning bad romcoms in attempt to distract himself. 

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Askbox Shenanigans: Recording a Musical Instrument

Sometimes, Dave likes to sample Dirk for use in his mixes. 

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Askbox Shenanigans: Puppeteering

Cal’s got a thing for being a puppet, and Bro’s got one for puppeteering.  It works out. 

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Getting Out the Words

He stared at the sky, trying to divine the words that would calm down his mind.

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Tango Attitudes

I’d like to take some time to tell you about the different types of tango.  No story, just a headcanon for real life, if you will.

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…I sang for him.  Truly. 

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Once, there was a little paper girl, thin as newspaper but not quite as light.

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Drunk writing #1: chatlog


No way am I spending the time it would take to edit out all the “User so-and-so has opened the document” and “User whatzisface has left” messages.  I trust you all can glaze over them. :P

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Anon 523 over here.  Once again, this was awesome.  Thank you a-stands-for for doing it!  :D



Short Shot: Staring Out to Sea

You stared out at the ocean for ages, trying to figure out just how bad of an idea it would be to start swimming until you reached somewhere.  Anywhere that wasn’t here.

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Breaking Point

[Everyone’s trapped on the asteroid AU, John’s POV, sadstuck]

You’re getting better at being observant.  Dying was kind of an eye opener for that one.  You’d always paid attention to details, because the best pranks are specifically crafted for the prankee, but you’d never really cared about how they affected anything else.  It turned out that part is kind of important.

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