You looked around carefully.  Checking every corner, peering into every nook, sweeping out every cranny, making sure there wasn’t a single person here to see what you were about to do.

Room: cleared.  Population: one.

Just you.

You shut the door quietly, locking it, pressing against it once to make sure it was really closed and pulling back once to ensure it really wouldn’t open.

No one was allowed to know about this.

You moved to the center of the room.  Then, closing your eyes, you let your right foot slide to the side.  Point the toe towards the wall, sock slipping easily across the plastic-covered floor.  Bend the left knee, slowly, keeping your body straight and balanced while your right arm moved out, matching your foot.

Wait.  Hold the stretch.  Breathe out.

Then, faster, slide your weight to the right, left arm tracing a flat, half circle in the air in front of you, ending with your pose reversed, left foot and arm out, right knee bent with your body centered over it.

Pause.  Relax.  Breathe in…

Push off with the right foot, weight shifts to left—spin!—stumble with your right foot out, stop yourself, momentum pushing your body forward, right palm to the ground, left arm pointed upwards.

Breath.  In.  Out.

Head back and up, push up to a crouch, arms curled one around back and one around front, jump!  Arms thrown outwards, as though for a moment you could fly.  Land, rock forwards, then spin once more.

Suddenly, from outside the room, laughter.  Head flicks around, pupils dilated, breath held.

The footsteps pass your closed door, the laughter retreating with them.

The mood’s broken.  Your breath escapes with a sigh and you stand up, shivering slightly.  Quickly stepping to the door, you unlock it, then move to turn off the lights.

In the darkness, for a moment, you pause.  Extend the right foot forward, sweep it in a half circle to the right, push off with the right foot and spin…!

Catch yourself, stumbling slightly.  Return to the door.  Leave without a backwards glance.


Inspired by this picture:

The dancer is meant to be Karkat, but it’s not a necessary part of the story.  Mostly I wanted to try describing movements in detail while maintaining the pace and smoothness you’d get from watching the actions take place.

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