Short Shot: One Bad Decision

—turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering ectoBiologist [EB] at 18:03—

TG: okay so maybe i fucked up.  all right?

TG: good job.  you got the legendary dj stridenasty himself to actually admit to being anything less than perfect.  youve no idea how horrified my fansll be to hear this.  forcing this out of me might just break their fragile little minds.  but i did it.  for you.  can we go back to things being normal again now?

EB: admiting you screwed up isn’t an apology, dave, and i’m not forcing anything out of you.  actually, can we not focus on you right now?  because i kind of don’t care what your nonexistant fans think.  believe it or not, my day was pretty horrible, and i don’t feel like dealing with your crap right now.

TG: goddamn it.  look egbert im sorry okay?  i was just palling around i didnt think youd take it seriously or anything.

EB:  stop.  you’re still not getting it.  i don’t care that you kissed me, okay?  no, i’m not gay, and you know, if things’d gone differently maybe i’d be apologizing to you for this.  but the problem is that you didn’t ask, and you didn’t just kiss me, but you decided to make it into some big thing where the whole cafeteria could watch and laugh at me!

EB:  you’re cool!  no one cares what you do!  i’m betting the worst that came out of this for you was a couple of jokes about how there were other men in the sea or something!  but i’m going to spend the rest of the schoolyear with people either calling me a fag or saying i’m a jerk for not “letting you down more gently”.  the rest of my school year is effectively hell.

TG: people dont actually do that egderp

EB: tell that to everyone in my last three periods.  i’ve gotta go set the table for dinner.  i’m not going to be back on later.  goodbye, dave.

TG: wait john!

—ectoBiologist [EB] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] at 18:25—

TG: fuck.


Writing for teenage boys online makes my spellcheck horribly unhappy.  Anyway, this is what happens when people ask for askbox drabbles and I’m not in the best mood.  I decided it was too cruel to send something as depressing and resolution-less as this as a gift, so it’s got a different label and it’ll go up here instead.

For future reference, “Short Shot” is going to be my label for small works that don’t fully flesh out their ideas and aren’t submitted via askboxes.

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