Askbox Shenanigans: Scritches and Comfort

Sometimes, when Karkat’s getting too worked up over everything, he sits down on the couch and starts marathoning bad romcoms in attempt to distract himself. 

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Askbox Shenanigans: Gamzee and Karkat

Under the night sky, far from the town, Karkat finally let himself relax onto Gamzee’s lap.  It had been… what, four days?  Four days since he last slept.  A gentle hand smoothed down his hair, stroking around his horns with spindly fingers.  Four was wriggler’s play, he could go longer, easy, but when he opened his mouth to say so, Gamzee’s other hand covered it quickly.  “Shoosh, little bro.”  A soft finger idly traced his lips.  “No need to get your pride on up here.  It’s just us two.”

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You looked around carefully.  Checking every corner, peering into every nook, sweeping out every cranny, making sure there wasn’t a single person here to see what you were about to do.

Room: cleared.  Population: one.

Just you.

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