Tango Attitudes

I’d like to take some time to tell you about the different types of tango.  No story, just a headcanon for real life, if you will.

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Drunk writing #1: chatlog


No way am I spending the time it would take to edit out all the “User so-and-so has opened the document” and “User whatzisface has left” messages.  I trust you all can glaze over them. :P

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Anon 523 over here.  Once again, this was awesome.  Thank you a-stands-for for doing it!  :D



Hello, World

First posts are always an awkward affair.  Welp, let’s get this over and done.  I’ll get to stories soon enough, I promise.

The main purpose of this account is for me to post short stories, often but not always Homestuck fanfics, sometimes nsfw.  I’ll do my best to tag “nsfw”, “story”, or “ramble” in the appropriate places, and you can navigate as you please.  Critique me.  Pick at things you find interesting, odd, or wrong, and call me out on them.  Part of the purpose of posting my writing is to get feedback.

The work you’ll find here will be of varying quality.  I need practice, and having an audience is a good motivation for me.

Previously I’d inhabit people’s inboxes and send out stories piecemeal from there.  The positive feedback I received from there was my main motivation for creating this account, so if write something well here, I owe my thanks to you guys.  Anything wrong is completely my own doing.  :)


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